Control Switch Lockout in LOTO and Safety Functions


The CS Lockout Device can be seen here serving as both a lock-out tag-out device and as an accidental operation prevention safety guard.  The CS Lockout Device can be installed on every pistol-grip type rotary switch in your facility to serve as an accidental operation guard, can be moved out of the way for switch operation, and can be used for effective LOTO of a device with the use of a regular style safety lock.


Control Switch Lockout Device in LOTO Use


Here, a customer uses multiple CS Lockout Devices at once in their facility, installed on every pistol-grip type switch on their equipment.  This way, the CS Lockout Device can serve as a safety device in active LOTO-use, but also as a guard against accidental operation of equipment.  The flip-up hinge design allows for easy access to the switch for intentional operation, while leaving the CS Lockout Device provides passive protection where you need it most.


Control Switch Lockout Device Installations


The CS Lockout Device has been installed in many different industry facilities.  Sites where the CS Lockout Device is being used for safety, lock-out tag-out (LOTO), and accidental operation prevention include:

  • Electrical Generation Plants, including
    • Hydroelectric
    • Natural Gas
    • Coal
    • Cogeneration
  • Energy Provider Distribution Sites
  • Mining Facilities
  • Factories
  • Nuclear Research Facilities


Control Switch Lockout Device Used for Accidental Operation Prevention


The CS Lockout Device can be used for more than just LOTO activities.  Many customers are installing them permanently on every pistol grip-type switches in their facilities to act as accidental operation prevention guards.  The design of the CS Lockout Device allows it to act as a bump guard for switches in its resting position, preventing unwanted operation of your switches.  The CS Lockout Device is designed to flip up out of the way when operating the switch, ensuring that your switches are only operated when you want.